Fixing the Sound Issue with macOS Extractor Patch Files

Note: If you installed OS X/macOS Extractor after April 17, 2016, you should not have this issue at all. IF you do please contact us so we can diagnose your Mac.

After installing OS X on your Unsupported Mac with macOS Extractor, you may have noticed that sound and microphone capblilities do not function. To remedy this issue:

1. Navigate in your Finder and go to the OS X Patch Files in your Applications Folder

2. Open the 'Kexts' Folder

3. Choose your Graphics Card Kext Installer and launch it.

4. Select the Partition or Hard Drive that you are currently using the patched OS X.

5. Install it. (Admin privileges required)

6. Restart your Mac

You should now see that Sound is now working by looking at the menu.

If this is not the case, you can always try an alternative method like VoodooHDA

VoodooHDA is an open source audio driver for devices compliant with the Intel High Definition Audio specification. It is intended as a replacement for AppleHDA on Mac OS X with support for a wide range of audio controllers and codecs.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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